moulding material

moulding material
British term for molding material

Dictionary of automotive terms. 2015.

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  • moulding — (Brit.) mould·ing || məʊldɪŋ n. process of forming something in a mold; that which has been molded; patterned edging, strip of material that is used as trim (also molding) mould (Brit.) məʊld n. pattern or form for giving a particular… …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Material compuesto — En …   Wikipedia Español

  • moulding — n. (US molding) 1 a an ornamentally shaped outline as an architectural feature, esp. in a cornice. b a strip of material in wood or stone etc. for use as moulding. 2 similar material in wood or plastic etc. used for other decorative purposes, e.g …   Useful english dictionary

  • Moulding finishing processes — There are many steps that lead a moulded piece of wood to become a finished product. * SandingServes to smoothen edges and blend woodgrains. * PaintingAn exterior coat that adds color and effect. * Patina ProcessBy definition, to make look old.… …   Wikipedia

  • moulding — /ˈmoʊldɪŋ / (say mohlding) noun 1. the act or process of someone or something that moulds. 2. something moulded. 3. Architecture, etc. a. a decorative variety of contour or outline given to cornices, jambs, strips of woodwork, etc. b. a shaped… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Plastic moulding — In Plastic moulding, the moulding process selected depends upon two main factors: The geometry of the component to be moulded and the material from which it is to be made. There are two main groups of plastic moulding materials: Thermoplastic… …   Wikipedia

  • Composite material — A cloth of woven carbon fiber filaments, a common element in composite materials Composite materials, often shortened to composites or called composition materials, are engineered or naturally occurring materials made from two or more constituent …   Wikipedia

  • Powder Injection Moulding International — is a magazine and scientific journal dedicated to the metal injection moulding, ceramic injection moulding and hardmetal (cemented carbide) injection moulding industries. The umbrella name given to these three industries is powder injection… …   Wikipedia

  • injection moulding — noun The moulding of thermoplastics by squirting the material from a heated cylinder into a water chilled mould • • • Main Entry: ↑inject * * * inˌjection ˈmoulding 7 [injection moulding injection mouldings] (BrE …   Useful english dictionary

  • Sheet moulding compound — (SMC) or sheet moulding composite is a ready to mould fibre reinforced polyester material primarily used in compression moulding. The sheet is provided in rolls weighing up to 400 kg.SMC is manufactured by dispersing long stands (>1”) of chopped… …   Wikipedia

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